Quilts For Causes


The Palo Verde Patchers’ Quilt Club supports two charitable groups. They are Honor Quilts and The New Life Center.  Members work together to make quilts for veterans of all wars and for families coming to The New Life Shelter from domestic abuse situations.


Honor Quilts

Honor Quilts are our awards for service, sacrifice, and valor. It is our way of saying “thank-you”.  When we present in the room, we start with the pledge, and then introduce each person, and present his or her quilt. The recipient is then invited to tell about their experience. We usually finish with cookies and more stories. It is a moving experience for those of us who attend.
We have a monthly Honor Quilt workshop on the 2nd Thursday of the month.  All are invited to participate. 

New Life Center

New Life Center offers a comprehensive 120-day program that focuses on empowering survivors to live independent, violence-free lives. While in shelter survivors attend group advocacy and work with a personal family advocate to develop goals for a new life.  A full-time Jobs Coordinator helps women gain the economic self-sufficiency needed to remain independent through job training, assistance with job interview skills, and resume building.