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Some of our club events

40th Anniversary Parade

Palo Verde Patchers participated in the 40th Anniversary Parade.  It was a chilly day but we had a great time riding and walking in the parade.  Kathy Tiede our Quilter of the Year, wore a Tiara.  Many thanks to all who participated and organized our portion of the event. 

Yes that is our Donna Mohr tucked away in our “stash” of quilts.

2016 Quilt Camp

2016 Quilt Camp – Emmanuel Pines Camp – Prescott, Arizona

Several members went hiking in the mornings and afternoons.  There was also, time to work on our own projects and some of our members enjoyed card game until the wee hours….  Great fun was had by all, good food, too many snacks, new techniques learned,  great camaraderie as all  got to know each other better.  

PVP has Quilt Camp every year in the spring at Emanuel Pines Camp, Prescott, AZ.