2019 Quilt Show Membership Information

You need to determine which category your quilt fits in, then fill out an entry form for that category.  Due to space each quilter is allowed to enter up to 3 quilts but only one can be a Bed Quilt. All categories are judged except Art Quilts.  We have a challenge category “What’s on Your Menu” which is not included in the 3 quilts.  This category is not judged.

There are 3 Entrance Forms.  Detailed instructions on entering a quilt are available in the 2019 PVP Quilt Show Entry Form.  If you have questions or you need help with Categories or General Questions, please ask someone on the entrance committee or one of the Quilt Show Chairs.

Please put a label on your quilt.  We are providing you a label that is in the Theme of the 2019 Quilt Show.  You do not need to use this specific label. 

The label is available in the button above, open it as a picture.  If you haven’t printed on fabrics before there are a couple ways you can do it. 


1.  Purchase a package of printable fabric sheets that are ready to use, such as Printed Treasures, Electric Quilt, Blumenthal, etc., and follow their instructions.  They are available from the internet and most fabric shops.


2. Use your own fabric, backed with freezer paper, for printing.  One of the internet instructions for this is shown below, and you can find many others. To get a better quality image, suggest using a tight-weave fabric such as batik, pfd (prepared for dyeing fabric) or similar.